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Falling Back in Love with Fallout

The mod community and what gamers really want

I look at the price my wares fetch with a disparaging expression – I’d hoped for more, but I need antibiotics. The wound in my shoulder isn’t healing up as well as I’d like. Really, I should just rest up here in Underworld, but I can’t afford a day away from scavenging. That Crowley guy offered decent caps for a job, but I’m not too keen on killing. Each passing day, though, the caps look better and better. I try to push from my mind the idea that I’m considering murder for pay. For my trade, I take a few clips’ worth of ammo as well as the few measly caps left over, and head over to the Chop Shop to trade for medical supplies.

It might be worth saying that I never truly fell out of love with Fallout 3. I’ve put over 300 hours into the game between both console versions since it came out in late 2008. I love the atmosphere, the subtle, poignant details woven into the landscape, the vast wealth of pre-war stories buried under rubble, not to be found for more than 200 years. The only thing that curbs my enjoyment of the game now is the lack of novelty and difficulty that cloaked my first playthrough.

I miss the palpable fear when sneaking through as yet unexplored buildings. I miss that glorious mixture of confusion and wonder at first emerging from Vault 101. I miss feeling as if finding the Lone Wanderer’s father was actually an accomplishment – the feelings of duty and abandonment as I look for him. As much as I love the game still, that first spark has faded.
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